Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Bf 110 E/F/G detail views NJG - Daily Ebay Luftwaffe photo find

Me 110 C/D/E/F "3C+ES" of 7./NJG 4 1942/43 seen alongside other NJG 4 machines. Given the different sub-types on view these aircraft are almost certainly 'school' training machines  - ie on the strength of a Nachtjagdschule. Note the Abgasflammenvernichter (exhaust flame dampers) with which the photograher's aircraft is evidently equipped, making it most probably an 'F' or 'G' variant. The second image depicts a G-2 of III./ NJG 4 undergoing engine maintenance. The third image below is a previously seen view of an 'E' sub-type (note the nose air intake) of I./NJG 1 probably in Holland (Arnhem/Deelen), fitted with the Dachshund Dackelbauch belly 1200 litre auxiliary fuel tank.
These views courtesy Michael Meyer's Ebay sales

Bottom; a selection of further recent and/or current images available at ebay.de (search me 110)