Saturday, 28 July 2012

Me 110 D II./NJG 1 Deelen 1940

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Me 110 C of I./ZG 76 photographed in Kielce, Poland in September 1939 being refueled -Wart Hans Grohmann on the wing.

Me 110 D fitted with "Dackelbauch" (Dachshund belly) of II./NJG 1 undergoing an engine change , photographed in Arnhem/Deelen most probably during autumn 1940. Capacity of the tank was 1050 litres. It is possible that this machine was previously on the strength of ZG 76 - 2./ZG 76 was re-designated 5./NJG 1 during September 1940 - and may even have flown combat sorties across the North Sea from Norway during the Battle of Britain with that unit.