Friday, 20 July 2012

For Stalingrad! Ju 88s of KG 77 at Tazinskaja (?)

Currently on offer at Heiko Fuchs ebay sales. Click on these images to see a larger view. And don't forget to click on the link and put on a bid, still nine days left. I post these pictures, not only to grab them 'for posterity' (to coin a phrase) but as a thank you to the vendors kind enough to let me post them here in the first place. I have no problem with helping them to achieve a decent price..

According to the caption these are Ju 88s of KG 77 (3Z) at Charkow, Osnowa during June 1942 along with a selection of ordnance. A member of the ground crew adds a no doubt pithy comment to the tail fin of a 1000 kg bomb. Note the seahorse emblem on the rudder in the third photo, although 9K (KG 51) is obviously not a KG 77 machine...

Below, a nice atmospheric selection of airfield scenes taken at Tazinskaja in the run-up to the encirclement of VI. Armee in Stalingrad, winter 1942. Again according to the caption these are Ju 88s from KG 77. The last two images to conclude this post are very nice clear photos of a Heinkel He 111 Z seen at Bagerowo, Kertsch