Tuesday, 17 May 2011

JGr.Ost Gruppenkommandeur Major Hermann Graf, Alfred Heckmann, Wilhelm Freuwörth RK

A small selection of some of the very interesting images from Michael Meyer's current Ebay sales here

Grabkreuz mit Propeller to mark the grave of  Hptm. Erwin Aichele of the Stab I./JG 51. Aichele died in a crash landing at Wissant (?) on the Channel coast on 29 July 1940.  Aichele - who was a Flugzeugführer im Fronteinsatz (front-line combat pilot) - had been born in 1901 and was 39 years old when he died. 

Below; Fw 190s of 3./JGr.Ost seen at their dispersal in Perpignan during January 1943

Gruppenkommandeur Major Hermann Graf (RK) of JGr. Ost. 1 + 3 Staffeln of  JGr.Ost moved to Toulouse-Blagnac during April 1943 and their CO is seen here (middle) strolling through Toulouse.  (RK 24.1.1942,  Brillianten on 16.9.1942, in total 212 Luftsiege  and survived the war)

 JGr.Ost in Toulouse during April - June 1943.  Below; a snapshot of two of the unit's instructors. On the left is Fw Wilhelm Freuwörth (RK on 5 January 1943, obscured here), who survived the war credited with 58 Luftsiegen including 3 in the West achieved with 2./JG 52 and 6./JG 26..

Posted as Unteroffizier to 2./JG 52 on 1 April 1941 stationed on the Deutsche Bucht. First victory during August 1941, shooting down an RAF Blenheim. Late fall 1941 the Staffel was moved to the East, where 'Willi' Freuwörth claimed two more victories before the end of the year. During 1942 he became one of the leading aces of I. Gruppe and was awarded the RK after a further 53 victories; on 1 November 1942 he accounted for four Lagg-3 fighters shot down and on 16 December 1942 claimed no less than six Il-2 Sturmoviks downed . Posted to the Kanalfront on 1.2.1943 with 6./JG 26, claiming two Spitfires during March 1943. Wounded in combat over Montdidier on 24.10.1943 and was again injured on 21 December 1943 when his FW 190 A-6 WNr..530733 “schwarze 8″ over-turned on landing at St. Omer (Wizernes). Returned to flying as an instructor after recovering from his injuries and on 1.1.1945 was promoted to Oberleutnant. 254 Feindflüge (combat sorties)

Below; JGr.Ost in Toulouse during the spring of 1943. Five Jagdlehrer (flight or lit. 'fighter' instructors) enjoy a hand of cards ! From left, Lt. Alfred Heckmann (RK on 19 September 1942, total of 71 Luftsiege ), Fw Hiller, Fw. Wilhelm Freuwörth (RK on 5 January 1943 (58 victories), Fw. "Spezi" Franz, Oblt. Waller..and Erika !

Above; FW 190 A 'yellow 5' of 9./JG 26. Note around 20 victory markings on the rudder, just visible alongside the mechanic's head. Photograph dates from 1942 on the Kanalfront.

 Me 110 E of 10.(NJ.)/ZG 1 seen in Russia 1942/43. Mechanic replenishing the four nose-mounted MG 17s and checking the muzzle flash dampers. Bottom; working on one of the DB 601 engines