Monday, 30 May 2011

FW 190 F of 5./SG 1 Oberfeldwebel Ehrenfried Lagois

FW 190 F of 5./SG 1 photographed during May 1943 in Poland. Future RK-Träger Oberfeldwebel Ehrenfried Lagois climbing into his Fw 190. Note the belly rack for the carriage of SC 50 KG bombs. On 26 March 1944 Lagois was awarded the Knights Cross for 600 combat flights or Feindflügen. Less than one month later on 15.4.1944 Lagois was shot down by German anti-aircraft fire over the airfield at Chersones and crashed into the sea.

FW 190 F of 5./SG 1 seen in  June 1943 in Lublin-Zwidnik on the occasion of the 4000th  Feindflug flown by the Staffel. 5./SG 1 would later be re-designated 4./SG 2. On the right is future RK-Träger Oberwebel Ehrenfried Lagois.

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