Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Rommel's He 111

A question from Daz; thanks for bringing this up on the britmodeller.com forum

"..I've been looking at building Rommel's personal He-111 VG+ES from the Kurierstaffel in North Africa in 1942. My question is was it a bomber/transport? Or was it converted to a pure transport role, and the bomb racks removed, and the area taken up with tables and chairs?.."

Fliegerführer Afrika was part of Luftflotte 2 (Air Fleet 2), one of the primary divisions of the German Luftwaffe in World War II. It acted in the Mediterranean and Libya in North African areas during 1941-1942. The commanders were Generalmajor Stefan Fröhlich and Generalleutnant Otto Hoffmann von Waldau, who led the German air support to the German Afrika Korps campaign during the winter of 1941-1942. The specific aircraft in use by these commanders was one Heinkel He 111 H-4 (VG+ES) WNr. 4085, fully equipped  - armed with five MG 15 and one MG 17, the capacity to load 1,000 kg of bombs internally and another 1,000 kg under the wings, also exterior fuel tanks...probably. Sub-type and WNr are contentious..