Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-4 Kanonenboot 3./JG 27, JG 26 Priller 'black 13' Fw 190 A-8 - Ebay photo find #324

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-4 Kanonenboot der 3. Staffel/JG 27 in Fels-am-Wagram Frühjahr 1944. Maschine trägt eine grüne RV-Bauchbinde. Geschwader-Abzeichen mit Schriftzug "Staffel Marseille". - Bf 109 G-4 of 3./JG 27 - note the 'Staffel Marseille' inscription around the Geschwader cowl emblem

Another view of one of Priller's 'black 13' A-8s on the 'Invasionsfront' and below, Fw 190 F-8 of II./SG 4 in July 1944..

From the 'original negative' the same seller has this nice view from II./JG 5 seen in February 1944 on offer - Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6 Gustavs including ' black 4' flown by Oblt Theo Weißenberger taxying out past Hptm Horst Carganico's "Mickey-Mouse. Weißenberger replaced Carganico as Kommandeur I./JG 5 after the latter was killed in an accident just prior to the 'invasion' in France, June 1944. This and similar views have been published in Erik Mombeeck's JG 5 histories, including his latest 'Luftwaffe Gallery' devoted to JG 5.
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" My copy of the Luftwaffe Gallery JG 5 book has just arrived and it is as you would expect from Erik - full of interesting photos, informative narrative and quality colour profiles. The LuGa series is up there along with the Luftwaffe in Focus series as being a must have..."

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Monday, 4 November 2019

Focke Wulf Fw 190 startklar zum Feindflug ! Schlachtgeschwader 77 -ebay photo find #323

Fw 190s of SG 77  preparing for a sortie via seller Marco Meyer

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Saturday, 2 November 2019

Lt. Gerhard Pilz I./JG 300, Eduard new release Bf 109 G-6/AS wilde Sau

Over on FB this image is causing some debate....

In 2015 Luftwaffe im Focus magazine ( no. 24) identified it as a NJGr. 10 machine. It would appear that this is not the case. This is 'white 1' assigned to Lt. Gerhard Pilz (1./JG 300). In interviews Hans-Werner Gross (1./JG 300) recalled that Pilz had a wild boar painted on the engine cow of his Bf 109 but up to now there was no known photo. The same mechanics that are in the image can also be seen in the views of JG 300 machines during summer 1943 published in the JG 300 history (Lorant/Goyat). Not scientific but better than the 'evidence' presented in LiF - of which there was none..

 Here is a profile view of 1./JG 300 machines during early 1944 at Hangelar, including 'white 1' with the wild boar emblem on the cowl - note Sankt Augustin convent in the background, right...a photo taken from the other side of this 'line-up' of 1. Staffel machines and showing 'white 1, 2 and 7' is on p 202 of the JG 300 history (Vol 1)...

The 'wild boar' emblem was subsequently adopted on the Fw 190s of Müller's 1./NJGr 10 in Werneuchen.

Eduard's new Bf 109 G-6/AS is released - one of the five markings options is for F-K Müller's 'red 2', the 1./NJGr 10 Moskito hunter flown by the ace during July-August 1944.

My 'history' feature on Müller's aircraft and night fighter career is available to read in the free 76-page November issue of Eduard Info - download it here

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Hangar10 Messerschmitt Bf-109 G-14 "Schwarze 2" LOW & LOUD

Footage from Hangar 10's late September fly-in over the island of Usedom. Paddy Patrone video - a single click to view here..

JG 77, Greece, Crete - ebay photo find #322

As the only Jagdgeschwader in theatre, JG 77 flew numerous anti-shipping sorties during the final phases of the Greek campaign in late April 1941 ('Marita') as British expeditionary forces were evacuated from a number of small ports in the south of the peninsula to Crete. JG 77 subsequently supported 'Merkur', the airborne invasion of Crete. On 23 April the Kommandeur II./JG 77 Hptm. Fritz -Heinz Lange was shot down by anti-aircraft fire and killed. On 24 April Kommodore Woldenga dropped a bomb on a 3,000 GRT tanker. On the same day Siegfried Freytag had to bail out over Athens and was captured but rejoined his Gruppe after the fall of the city. On 25 April Fw Otto Unertl (9./JG 77) was KIA when his Bf 109 was hit by anti-aircraft fire. Staffelkapitän 7./JG 77 Oblt. Huy enjoyed notable success during JG 77's anti-shipping sorties. Flying out of Larissa he hit a 20,000 GRT troop transporter on 27 April. The facilities at Larissa were rudimentary with 250 kg bombs loaded by hand.

JG 77's first sortie against Crete was flown on 4 May  - a strafing raid against the airfield at Maleme. On 22 May Uffz. Rudolf Schmidt of 5. Staffel only just managed to return to Molaoi having been hit by anti-aircraft fire during another anti-shipping sortie. According to some on-line sources (notably the Kracker Archive) the British battleship HMS Valiant was 'sunk' off Crete on this date May 22, 1941, having been attacked by JG 77 ace Johan Pichler who also crash-landed back at Molaoi on May 22. It was not... (the probability of Me 109s sinking a Queen Elizabeth class battleship was quite possibly nil!)

Schmidt claimed two Blenheims and a Hurricane over Crete on 25 May for victories 6-8. That same day II./JG 77 lost their second Kommandeur within a month when Hptm. Helmut Henz was hit by a Blenheim's defensive fire and plunged into the sea.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 E-4 5./JG 77 (Black 4+-) displaying the rudder scoreboard of Uffz. Rudolf Schmidt WNr 5365 and seen in among the wreckage of Ju 52s and other types at Maleme in Crete during late May 1941.

During the campaign JG 77 claimed some 29 ships sunk - the rudder scoreboard of the ace of II./JG 77 Rudolf Schmidt displays the silhouettes of two British vessels hit.

Schmidt was awarded the RK for 27 victories on 30 August 1941. He was KIA in his Bf 109 F-4 'black 15' on 6 April 1942 over the Crimea in combat with Pe-2 bombers. Ofw. Schmidt had returned 42 victories and was one of the leading aces of II./JG 77 at the time of his death.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Trautloft JG 54 Siverskaya March 1943 - ebay photo find #321

Trautloft JG 54 Siverskaya March 1943 according to the reverse of the image

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below; 7. Staffel 'flying clog' emblem JG 54 Emil

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Kommodore JG 26 Galland's first Friedrich - ebay photo find #320

60 victory Abschussbilanz on the rudder of Galland's Bf 109 F-2 WNr. 6714. His victories 59 and 60 were returned on 15 April 1941 in this machine. Via Oliver Rogge


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Below; More 5. Staffel JG 26 Emils with diving raven emblem. More on this blog

Below; note the diving raven emblem just visible under the cockpit of this 5./JG 26 Emil with scoreboard of Staka Lt. Wolfgang Kosse. See JFV 4/I p.317.