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new AIMS decals for Ju 88 G night fighter, Mistel variants and Dornier Do 17 Z

With his usual superb quality and flawless research, these latest collections from John MacIllmurray's AIMS feature rare and previously unavailable Luftwaffe unit badges for the Dornier Do 17 Z and rare and unusual Mistel and Ju 88 G schemes. These really are fine decal sheets.

If you are looking for some original and inventive schemes for the new Airfix Dornier Do 17 then I imagine that you, like me, will be delighted with some of the eye-catching options on John's new Do 17 Z sheet including the stunning  'red devil riding a bomb' emblem of 3./ KG 77 which only recently turned up on some rare Ebay auction photos, below. Other rarely seen subjects include the Do 17 Z-2 of 4./KG 76 photographed crashed at Cambrai in June 1940. The stand-out artworks also feature Wekusta, Nachtjagd and KGr 606 subjects..and will be of great interest to those Luftwaffe modellers looking for something a little different. See the links below for more on these..

AIMs is of course the Ju 88 specialist and the ubiquitous Junkers twin can always be relied upon for variety, which is certainly the case on this sheet featuring the G-1 night fighter. The mixed garb on offer on this sheet is positively inspirational - from cross-hatch reverse mottle (..if you can imagine that..) to a 'standard' splinter in the two greys (!). Some of the options here are decidedly 'whacky' in some respects but bound to guarantee a talking point when on the completed model..

Given the limited operational service and rather esoteric nature of the different Mistel variants it is surprising that John has come up with so many options for this fascinating weapon on this next new sheet - seven different aircraft can be built. The accompanying reference text is extensive and detailed  - John explains all his colour choices with detailed analysis of the 'evidence'.

As usual John's sheets include plan views of both splinter and mottled camouflage schemes which obviates the need for too much further 'research' when deciding which machine to build. The printing is top quality and the text accompanying the colour profiles is both informative and entertaining!

below; a rare unpublished image of a Mistel 2 (Fw 190 on Ju 88 G combination) from the personal album of Mistel test pilot Horst-Dieter Lux via Vern Dander for the Luftwaffe blog.

'Project Beethoven' - the first Bf 109 F-4 (CI+MX) and Ju 88 A-4 Mistel 1 combination, Ainring, early 1944

And a reminder that the AIMs Junkers Ju 88 fighters sheet with no fewer than 26 options was previously reviewed on this blog here

It goes without saying that if you have any interest in Luftwaffe subjects then these sheets are a fantastic addition to your reference library - even if you don't intend building 26 Ju 88s . As you can see here all markings options are presented via a series of accurate and well-drawn fully referenced colour side view profiles and detailed text with interesting subjects drawn from various AirDoc, Luftwaffe in Focus and the Stipdonk/Meyer volumes.  The decals themselves are by 'Fantasy Printshop' - they are thin, perfectly in register and have minimal carrier film and will of course require a certain amount of care to apply.

 These sheets and much more for the Ju 88 fan are available directly from John at AIMS just in time for the Ju 88 Group build over at

It goes without saying that John is an enthusiast (and very skilled) modeller himself and provides us lesser mortals with a fantastic product at a reasonable price so please do support him!

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Do 17 Z of KGr 606 over the Channel coast 1940

Refuelling and bombing up a KG 77 Dornier Do 17 - exceptional Ebay shots

Saturday, 25 June 2016

late-war Bf 109 G-14 and Fw 190 or the dangers of presenting guesswork as fact - daily ebay photo find #184

..sometimes you just wish certain Experte would stop to think a little before posting..late-war Luftwaffe subjects can be difficult enough without the misinformation and increased confusion that results from inaccurate 'guesswork' being presented as fact! From a certain Swiss archaeologist's Flickr pages..

Above;  since appearing in a recent ebay auction this machine has been labelled as a G-14 of the " Stab/JG 4 at Zellhausen.."

Very very doubtful. There is not one single mention of  'Zellhausen' in Erik Mombeek's two volume history of JG 4! In fact the only fighter Gruppe that saw action here was II./JG 11 early in 1945. Located in Hesse, east-south-east of Frankfurt/Main, in 1945 Zellhausen was home to TGr. 30 operating He 111s in the transport role flying resupply missions to the German fortress enclaves in western France as well as to Dunkirk on the Channel coast.

Below, from the same seller, a II./JG 53 G-14 with solid black fuselage band and labelled by the same poster " an unknown location "  (!).  But note how the GI in the cockpit is the same man in both images!

..and below; another image from the same seller depicting the same GI again! This time our expert has labelled this one " Bf 109 G-6 or G-14 W.Nr. unknown, I./JG 101, Bad Wörishofen, late April 1945 " ....

So counting 'an unknown location' as a potential third airfield, we see photos of the same GI on three different airfields posing with aircraft from three different units. How likely is that frankly ? Not at all.....

Abandoned Fw 190s photographed in Mourmelon, France by members of the 406th FG here

May, 1945, burnt-out Heinkel He 219, Handorf

Thursday, 23 June 2016

AZ models Bf 109 Friedrich due soon

AZ's new Bf 109 F was born..... Happy parents - left to right - Pavel Vandelik, mould maker, Petr Muzikant, author of the master model, Jan Pavlik, consultant (and Saxon fan), Jan Polc, camouflage and decals design and Petr Safra, completion and distribution.

Monday, 20 June 2016