Sunday, 3 October 2021

new from Mortons - "Luftwaffe fighters -combat on all Fronts" (1)

 Flying out of Jassy in Romania, Friday July 4, 1941 would be another very successful day for III./JG 77 over the southern sector of the Eastern Front. That evening, during an escort sortie for the Stukas of StG. 77, Gruppenkommandeur Maj. Alexander von Winterfeldt in his 'Doppelwinkel' dealt the Fangschuss (coup de grâce) to an unidentified Soviet SB-2 medium bomber. His fellow Stabsschwarm pilots Oblt. von Prittwitz and Hptm. Nonn were also both credited with an SB-2 downed. This was von Winterfeldt's 9th 'kill' of WWII to add to the four he had returned during the Great War. The following day he would be awarded the Ritterkreuz for the excellent conduct of his Gruppe.

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