Monday, 10 September 2018

Fotoabzug = "repro" - ebay photo find 263

.. it is me or are there a lot of 'repros' appearing for sale on ebay at the moment... ironically I notice even certain 'well-known' repositories of on-line images are adopting 'privacy' mode to prevent unscrupulous ebay sellers from copying and then offering 'their' treasures for sale in repro format.

" Sehr schöner Fotoabzug einer Zerstörermaschine vom Typ Bf 110 des ZG 1 oder SKG 210, aufgenommen 1943/44 in Italien. Sehr schön sind das Staffelabzeichen in Form einer Wespe und viele Details zu sehen..."

So while the repro above appears to be quite nice ....there are plenty of others being offered out there of more mediocre quality.

Below; poor quality copy/repro of a photo of the Friedrich flown by the Kommandeur of III./JG 3 August 1941 currently on offer at 85 euros here - yes I've seen the nice sharp original photo and it's not this!

To quote a recent correspondent;

  " ..I'm sending you a copy of something that is really starting to irritate me on eBay: the same photos sold by our usual Ukrainians and a ridiculous German calling himself H******en in more than mediocre quality. These people will apparently stop at nothing to earn a few Euros, to the point of selling unspeakable crap. The original was very clear, as you will see...Not only is the well drying up, but it would appear that all and sundry are pouring their garbage into it. You're going to tell me "nothing new under the sun" and you wouldn't be wrong..."