Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Me 109 F of III./JG 26

Me 109 F of 9./JG 26 seen at Liegescourt in early summer 1941

Seen on the left, 9./JG 26 Flugzeugführer (pilot) Werner Bohnenkamp during the spring of 1941 in St. Brieuc. Bohnenkamp later flew Fw 190s in the Stab JG 300 as Rottenflieger to Walther Dahl. He survived the war. Alongside him an unnamed DB engine technician.

Ju 88 A "L1+GH" of 1./LG 1. Note the Gruppenwappen displayed on the nose. Photographed in north Africa during 1942

He 111 H "A1+BM" of 4./KG 53 in the East during the winter 1942-43

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