Monday, 18 March 2013

Fw 190s of JG 2 - Wurmheller, Mayer, 10.(Jabo) - Ebay Luftwaffe photo find

Although difficult to make out the Werknummer this is almost certainly Wurmheller's Fw 190 A-5 WNr. 0314 (not an A-4 as indicated in the recent Guideline Fw 190 Combat Colours monograph) displaying 80 victories during the summer of 1943 - including eight US stars on the victory Balken. Wurmheller was Kapitän of 9. Staffel at the time. Currently on offer here. Seller 'Mistelstein' also has some nice Richthofen Emils on offer so do check them out....
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Fw 190 A-3 'Blue 13' of 10. (Jabo)/JG 2, probably seen at Caen during 1942