Monday, 13 August 2012

Aircraft and 'personalities' of 6./JG 53, Sicily, Kanalfront

Michael Meyer continues to offer for sale some interesting and atmospheric views from JG 53. First up, a small sequence taken on Sicily during the of summer 1942, with the offensive against Malta in full swing. Ground crews - mit Blumen und Schild - from 6./JG 53 await the return of Oblt. Günther Hess from a milestone 300th combat sortie. The aircraft piloted by Hess was most probably a Friedrich coded 'Yellow 11'. Below, two views of the pilot, below, centre and second left, on his return having been presented with the typical bouquet of flowers and commemorative 'plaque'.

  6./JG 53 'Friedrich' on the Channel front (Kanalfront) during 1941 belonging to the Staffelkapitän Oblt. Otto Böhner.  Böhner survived the war with around 9 victory claims. Below; photographed alongside Böhner's 'Friedrich' on their return from a sortie over Malta in early 1942, (Flugzeugführer) Lt. Dr. Heiner Jörg (left) and Staka Oblt. Otto Böhner..

Above, Me 109 E of 6./JG 53, late 1939 in Manheim-Sandhofen. Note the Pik As Wappen on the cowl.

Above, nice view of one of the more 'famous' Staffelkapitäne of 6./JG 53. Hptm. Horst Bretnütz.  Bretnütz was awarded the RK on 22 October 1940 and had achieved some 37 Luftsiege (victories) at the time of his death on the opening day of Barbarossa (22.6.1941) over Jubarkas/Litauen. According to the caption the snapshot above was taken in Dinan, Brittany during July 1940. Note the pilot's wife's pet-name under the cockpit "Peter", and, assisting the pilot, his first mechanic Eugen Schultheis.

Me 109 E " Yellow 2" belonging to 6./JG 53 seen during the summer of 1940. Unfortunately the name of the pilot is unknown. He is wearing an inflatable life jacket.