Friday, 20 July 2012

new and forthcoming from Geramond ( publishers of Flugzeug Classic) - Flieger-Asse und Kanonenfutter

In their 'Special' series Geramond in Munich publish Flugzeug Classic 'Special 10 - Projecke, Bomber, Transporter' in September 2012. This is a 100-page A-4 softback devoted to fighter, bomber and transporter types and projects. Twelve aircraft and designs are profiled, including one of the leading contenders in the 'Bomber B' programme, the Fw 191 (the Ju 288 was covered in 'Special 9'). Also featured are the two little-known late-war Junkers designs, the Ju 388 and the ill-fated four-engined Junkers Ju 488 'Amerika' bomber project. The Junkers Ju 488 was a hybrid assemblage of Junkers medium twin parts and two prototypes were (partially) constructed in the Latécoère factory in Toulouse (Montaudran district), before the wings and centre section of the V401 were blown up and destroyed in a French resistance attack during July 1944. Other types covered in this Flugzeug Classic 'Special' include the Me 263, Me 323 and the high altitude Bv 155 fighter. 100 photographs and at least 60 colour profiles - not bad for 10 euros! I am a big fan of this series and rate these volumes as highly as the quarterly 'Batailles Aériennes' titles published by Lela Presse. Flugzeug Classic 'Special' issues are available direct from Geramond (although postage from Germany can be a tad on the high side) or via The Book Depository with free postage worldwide.

The August issue of Flugzeug Classic magazine features the usual selection of high quality Luftwaffe content. Cover feature is an eight-page history detailing the story of the R4M air-to-air rocket. Elsewhere there are articles on the air-war in North Africa, the Bv 238 and part 3 of Ju 52 Transporter pilot Wilhelm Geitz's memoirs. German language. More page views available at Geramond.

'Fighter aces and cannon fodder' due in September 2012 from Geramond is Peter Cronauers's 225-page story of the German fighter pilot during WWII. This volume includes plenty of first person accounts and 70 photos as the author describes the careers of six Luftwaffe fighter pilots. German language text.