Monday, 4 November 2013

new tool 1:72nd Bf 109 G from AZ Model in HQT

AZ Model have a 'family' of new-tool 1:72nd scale Gustavs forthcoming in 2014 utilising their 'new' HQT (High Quality) steel mold technology. As a 72nd scale modeller currently working on a 'Joypack' of their Spitfire IX (three sets of sprues, no decals) this is good news. While the plastic is a little hard and the instructions leave a little to be desired ( not helped by having no part numbers on the sprues..) the AZ 1:72 Spitfire IXs are excellent little kits easily comparable with the Airfix offering. They are actually rather more detailed than the Airfix IX especially in the cockpit but lack locating lugs and pins on the major parts - the tail-planes are butt joins for example. However HQT is a step forward for a short-run production and straight forward enough for most skill levels, all of which bodes well for the new Bf 109s.

See elsewhere on this blog for the first builds of these kits;

And while AZ owner Petr Muzikant didn't say a lot about the new tool Bf 109s over on the 72nd Scale aircraft forum recently, he did say this;

" Yes , we currently have very much to do with the completion of our new models, including the family of " 109 " from metal molds HQT in full quality and family " Oxford " in the edition Admiral , which are made from short -run forms , but of very high quality . Both of these models might appear to competition and exhibition in Telford...we are also preparing later Messerschmitt sub-types. In preparation for the Bf-109 G-10 Erla, Bf-109 G-10 Diana and Bf-109 G-10 Regensburg.
All versions of the G-10 from each very different. That's why we make all three including adequate camouflage. Also, we are already preparing Armament set for the whole family Bf-109 including R1, R2, R2 recon camera and WGr.21 missiles. Sets will be available also separately.."

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