Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Nahaufklärungsstaffel 1.(H)/11 photo album campaign in Poland and the West - Henschel Hs 126, Fw 189

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Nahaufklärungsstaffel 1.(H)/11 was established on 1. November 1938 in Großenhain and underwent its baptism of fire in the Polish campaign (Polen Feldzug) under Staffelkapitän, Hptm. Kurt Friese (see signature above). In the winter of 1939/40 the Staffel moved to the Eitel region and flew in support of  Rommel's 7. Pz. The campaign in the West took 1.(H)Pz/11 under their new Staffelkapitän, Hptm. Richard Heuser all the way down to Bordeaux. With 'Sealion' then cancelled the unit moved to winter quarters at Feldflugplatz Moiselles, 16 km NNW of Paris. Under Staffelführer Oblt. Karl Euler the Staffel was reorganised with two new Staffeln created. On 10 January 1941 the new Staffelkapitäne Oblt. Jobst Zibell   und Oblt. Ludwig v. Wittich took command with the Staffel becoming from 12 January 1941 :
1.(H)Pz/11 Oblt. Zibell in Moiselles
5.(H)Pz/11 Oblt. v. Wittich in Dijon
6.(H)Pz/11 Oblt. Fleischmann in Dijon

The emblem of 5. Staffel was introduced by v. Wittich in February 1941 - der rote Teufelskopf or red devil's head - although adapted with a monocle as a representation of the unit's recce mission. The unit flew the Hs 126 in the East and converted to the Fw 189 during February 1942 at Stalino and on 29 March 1943 flew its 1000th sortie..(info via www.lexikon-der-wehrmacht.de)

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