Friday, 16 August 2013

Jean Barby's Luftwaffe models - Luftwaffe blog 500th post !

A special feature for the 500th post of the Luftwaffe blog courtesy of the superlative modelling of Jean Barby. Regular visitors to the Luftwaffe blog will be familiar with this name as a couple of Jean's wonderful 1:48 scale Bf 109s appear elsewhere on this blog - for this post Jean has put together a fine 'gallery' featuring some more of his Luftwaffe models. Jean's work has been published in most major French aviation and modelling publications including 'Wingmasters' and 'Avions' and he is a regular on French modelling site Jean lives in the Oise region just north of Paris to where he retired after a long career in the airline industry serving with UTA and Air France. Aged 61 years old, Jean has been building aircraft models since he was seven and is known as a specialist on Italian colours and the French Aéronavale as well as the war in the Pacific. And his interest in all things Luftwaffe; well the consummate skill on evidence in this special photo gallery speaks for click on the images  to get in close.

 "Langnasen" - this model represents one of the first Dora- 9s constructed by Focke-Wulf Sorau, initially assigned to III/JG 54 and then ceded to JG 2. The base kit is from Tamiya with the resin correction set from MDC, the small main wheels replaced with Eduard items. The airframe has been 'riveted' and all markings are painted with masks.

Next, this is the venerable Dragon Ta 152 as depicted with the Stab JG 301 and flown by Willi Reschke. The WNr. and the 'Green 9' only are decals, the other markings were masked and painted..

Below, this Bf 110 G-4 in the markings of Wilhelm Johnen is the very nice Eduard kit, radar antenna are after-market items from Master except for the scratch-built FuG 202. The crew boarding ladder is also a scratch item.  All markings were masked and painted.

Below, this superlative Me 262 night fighter is the Tamiya 48th scale kit converted to a two seater with the CMK set. Radar antenna are again from Master while all markings are masked and painted! 

St.G 2 Ju 87 B as flown by  Major Walter Enneccerus for the raid on the British carrier "HMS Illustrious" en route for Malta; this precision strike even drew the grudging admiration of Admiral Cunningham! This is the Hasegawa kit with numerous detail additions. 

Georg Hamon's Bf 109 G6 of 8./JG 53, the so-called "cartoon Staffel" based at Scaccia, in mid July  1943