Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Arsenal VG 33

Interesting French fighter type that has featured on the Luftwaffe blog before, including rare views of the machine being tested at Rechlin courtesy of Jean-Yves Lorant.

The Arsenal VG 33 was the most visible model of a ‘family’ of light, fast and manoeuvrable French fighter types being developed during 1939 - 1940 to replace the Ms 406. In fact many sources quote the VG 33 – of which only a handful of examples approached service due to production difficulties – as being somewhat superior to the Dewoitine D.520 although this judgement is more here

Two views -new to me- of an Arsenal VG 33 still under French ownership (judging by the beret-wearing figure in the lower image) courtesy of Kurmark Antik and shown here courtesy of the seller Oliver Rogge - click on the images for a full screen view..

Note the alternative ventral radiator configuration in the lower image - this prominent feature may have made operations from grass strips somewhat problematical

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