Saturday, 13 November 2021

Fw 190 A-2 "CM+CK" NJVK Herrmann



Fw 190 A-2 coded "CM+CK" WNr. 312 was assigned to the Nachtjagdversuchskommando Herrmann , a small test detachment set up in April 1943 to trial night-time interceptions of  RAF bombers and Mosquitos by single-engined fighters operating out of Brandenburg-Briest over Berlin  - Herrmann's hair-brained so-called  'wilde Sau' tactics. A partial view of this machine was first published on p223 of the Docavia title "Le Fw 190" by J-Y Lorant -  one of the original complement of 'wilde Sau' pilots, Ofw. Josef Wirth, was pictured standing alongside the tailplane. (Thanks to GRM)