Friday 8 April 2016

some recent JG 300 Bf 109 queries on and TOCH

Another modeller trying to do Gabler's machine in natural metal  and photos from this blog reproduced without permission..

exactly right Michael....if this aircraft was natural metal then why does the swastika appear to have been sanded down  (which it is). Look at the starboard wing area in the pictures published here by Jean-Yves Lorant -exactly the same finish as appears on the ailerons, despite the wing having metal skinning and the ailerons being cloth-coated. And to the poster asking for better images; these photos are from Gabler's album - incidently Gabler himself never said that his aircraft was in NMF, quite the contrary for more see my blog post again here   The drawing below is from the new-tool Eduard 'new' late series Bf 109 Gustav kit - well the idea is right in my opinion but I have to say though, that if the finish had been sanded down the wing is unlikely to have appeared in overall RLM 75 !

.. won by a leading author/contributor to this blog, the recent Ebay JG 11 Bf 109 Hptm Frey images have arrived from the seller;

".. spectacular! This has to be one of the most interesting schemes to have been seen on a III./ JG 300 wilde Sau nightfighter  ..the second image depicting the rudder markings is similar to the image we published in Volume I  of our JG 300 history but this one is much better as it shows more of the fuselage including the Balkenkreuz..."

Of course anyone who supports authors and buys their books and who has the superb Lorant/Goyat JG 300 history will have recognised this machine - with its black/white undersurfaces - as being one of those loaned by III./ JG 11 to the new III./JG 300 at Oldenburg during late 1943 for wilde Sau sorties. Page 99 of  Volume I has three pictures of this machine! The Staffelkapitän 7./ JG 11 Hptm. Frey's "White 1" featured 18 Abschussbalken on its white empennage. Frey's aircraft is not 'new' by any means - similar images were also published of course in the Prien/Rodeike history of JG 1/JG 11 and came from the personal album of 7./JG 11 pilot Zick.