Friday, 16 July 2021

Info Eduard Vol.20 July 2021 - Part II of a wilde Sau Limited Edition series


Info Eduard Vol.20 July 2021 - issue 137

Check out a new 'wilde Sau' feature that I recently compiled for Eduard and which is published in their latest 'INFO' booklet for July to mark the release of Part II of a 'wilde Sau' 'Limited Edition' trilogy of kit releases. Entitled 'wilde Sau stories' the brief was to write something about the G-10 and G-14/AS in JG 300 service. 

By the late summer of 1944 wilde Sau operations were a distant memory for the majority of pilots in JG 300. All night-fighter actvities in the Geschwader had been concentrated in a ‘specialised’ Moskito-hunting Staffel designated 10. (N)/ JG 300. This was the so-called ‘Kometen’ or comet Staffel, established to combat the almost nightly incursions over Berlin by DH Mosquito bombers of the RAF's LNSF (Light Night Striking Force.). Operating out of Jüterbog, south of Berlin, under Staffelkapitän Leutnant Karl Mitterdorfer, 10. Staffel flew a 'modified' Wilde Sau system— guided by two vertical searchlight beams and a ground controller, the unit’s high performance G-14/AS fighters loitered at high altitude (10,000 metres) above the 'corridors' used by the Mosquitoes flying into Berlin.....

The feature is illustrated with the artworks from the new 'Limited Edition' wilde Sau Dual Combo kit. Also in this edition of the 'Info'  - the 'Adlerangriff' 72nd scale Bf 109 Emil combo (Special Hobby sprues with a large new decal sheet and resin wheels) 'reviewed' and illustrated and Jan Zdiarsky discusses II./(Sturm) JG 4 in action against the 100th BG. His article features more of Piotr Forkasiewicz's superlative artwork.

Part one of Eduard's wilde Sau trilogy was released last November. Eduard asked me to put together some text/markings schemes for this Dual Combo kit.  While they didn’t go with all my choices, it was nice to be asked and at least have a hand in choosing the markings options ( ten in the box). A separate decal sheet was also released.

The November 2020 issue of Eduard Info - a free download from - featured some text and images that I compiled for this release....Episode three due next is planned to cover the Fw 190s of JG 300...

My 'history' feature on wilde Sau ace Friedrich-Karl Müller of JG 300 and NJG 11 complete with rare photos and first person accounts is available to read in the free 76-page November 2019 issue of Eduard INFO - download it here