Saturday, 2 November 2019

Lt. Gerhard Pilz I./JG 300, Eduard new release Bf 109 G-6/AS wilde Sau

Over on FB this image is causing some debate....

In 2015 Luftwaffe im Focus magazine ( no. 24) identified it as a NJGr. 10 machine. It would appear that this is not the case. This is 'white 1' assigned to Lt. Gerhard Pilz (1./JG 300). In interviews Hans-Werner Gross (1./JG 300) recalled that Pilz had a wild boar painted on the engine cowl of his Bf 109 but up to now there was no known photo. The same mechanics that are in the image can also be seen in the views of JG 300 machines during summer 1943 published in the JG 300 history (Lorant/Goyat). Not scientific but better than the 'evidence' presented in LiF - of which there was none..

 Here is a profile view of 1./JG 300 machines during early 1944 at Hangelar, including 'white 1' with the wild boar emblem on the cowl - note Sankt Augustin convent in the background, right...a photo taken from the other side of this 'line-up' of 1. Staffel machines and showing 'white 1, 2 and 7' is on p 202 of the JG 300 history (Vol 1)...

The 'wild boar' emblem was subsequently adopted on the Fw 190s of Müller's 1./NJGr 10 in Werneuchen.

Eduard's new Bf 109 G-6/AS is released - one of the five markings options is for F-K Müller's 'red 2', the 1./NJGr 10 Moskito hunter flown by the ace during July-August 1944.

My 'history' feature on Müller's aircraft and night fighter career is available to read in the free 76-page November issue of Eduard Info - download it here