Sunday, 21 July 2019

Horst Prenzel 'white 2' JG 301 Invasionsfront, June 1944

 Bf 109 G-6 "white 2" flown by Lt. Horst Prenzel of 1./ JG 301 seen here in France. The Staffel was based in Holzkirchen during the period 20 May 20 – 12 June 1944. On 14 June they moved via Villacoublay to St. Dizier in France and on 24 June arrived in St. André. During June and July 1944 they flew almost exclusively night interception sorties against overflying RAF bomber formations. The image shows Lt. Horst Prenzel on the wing. Note the spinner spiral and the black port gear cover and cannon gondola suggesting that the entire port wing was painted black.

In the early hours of 21 July Prenzel (Staffelkapitän 1./JG 301) landed his Me 109 G-6 'white 16' (below) apparently in error at RAF Manston on the east Kent coast, southern England, after a 'Wilde Sau' sortie over the invasion area. The RAF evaluated the aircraft at the RAE Farnborough, and then passed it to the Air Fighting Development Unit at RAF Wittering in August 1944. The same night a second JG 301 pilot put down at Manston - Fw Manfred Gromil of 1./JG 301 belly landed his G-6 "Yellow 8" after running out of fuel.

Below;   RAF pilot F/L Len Thorne after ground-looping this machine (now TP 814) on 23 November 1944 after a gear leg collapse.

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