Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Jagdflugzeug Fw 190 und Klaus Mietusch vom J.G.26 im 2.WK - ebay photo find #261

Bf 109 G-6 with retrofitted Erla-Haube W.Nr. unknown "schwarze 22", Gruppenkommandeur Klaus Mietusch, Stab III./JG 26. See also Jochen Prien et al. 2017, JFV 13/III, p. 107 for  a selection of images depicting Mietusch climbing from 'schwarze 20'  'simulating' a return from a successful sortie and taken by a PK reporter on the occasion of Mietusch's RK award, 26 March 1944.

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Above;  Klaus Mietusch, Gruppenkommandeur III./JG 26 - click on the image to view at full size - and below with members of his Stabsschwarm. He had joined 7./JG 26 in September 1939 and from September 1941 was Staffelkapitän. On 5 July 1943 he was appointed Kdr. of III./JG 26. His victory over a USAAF B-17 four-engine heavy bomber on 25 July 1943 was the first of 16 four-engine bombers that he was to claim. His 50th victory was a B-17 shot down over Cambrai on 20 October 1943. During the course of the 8 March 1944 raid on Berlin Mietusch claimed a B-17 Herausschuss for his 60th victory. Awarded the RK after 63 vics. Mietusch was KIA on 17 September 1944 over Arnhem (72 victories)