Saturday, 10 March 2018

Junkers Ju 390 V-1 "GH UK", LG 2, JG 53, JG 77 Emil, Motorwechsel, Kran -daily ebay photo find #247

Junkers Ju 390 V-1 "GH+UK" vermutlich Winter 1943/44 in Merseburg, Rechlin oder Dessau.

The Junkers Ju 390 was a rare bird - only two constructed - intended to be used as a heavy transport, maritime patrol aircraft, and long-range bomber, a long-range derivative of the Ju 290. It was one of the aircraft designs submitted for the abortive Amerika Bomber project, along with the Messerschmitt Me 264, the Focke-Wulf Ta 400, and by February 1943, the Heinkel He 277. Two prototypes were created by attaching an extra pair of inner-wing segments onto the wings of basic Ju 90 and Ju 290 airframes, and adding new sections to lengthen the fuselages..

Below; Junkers Ju 290 A vermutlich im Winter 1943/44 in Merseburg, Rechlin oder Dessau.

Ju 88 C-2 of I./NJG 2 on Sicily

Me 110 E der III./ZG 26 Catania 1941/42

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Above; Bf-109E-7,W.Nr.6503, Stammkennzeichen PU + CQ, 3./JG 77,Eastern Front 1942 prior to being taken on charge by JG 103. Plane crashed 31.3.1944 ,Germany. See the supercharger intake from Bf 109 T.

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