Thursday, 22 March 2018

" Das Deutsche Volk muss ein Volk von Fliegern werden" - daily ebay photo find #248

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" Das Deutsche Volk muss ein Volk von Fliegern werden"  - you're wondering why the word Flieger ('airman' or 'airmen')  - which has no plural form in German-  is written here with an 'n' ?  And in his latest (first) Osprey 'Air Campaign' title why does Doug Dildy write 'Jagdgeschwadern' throughout - when the plural form is 'Jagdgeschwader'  !

Go here for a quick lesson on German prepositions and cases!

on offer here

1940 Luftwaffe BF 109 Wappen Greif Zerstörer Geschwader 141 ZG 141 / ZG 76 on offer here.

An image demonstrating how lighting conditions can impact on the appearance of the camouflage finish. The early two greens scheme on this Dora (?) would 'ordinarily' appear as a single homogenous color coat. See these pre-war Emil colour stills  here