Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Bf 110 3U+ ZG 26, Me 110 C-2 "CF+NS" WNr.3078 Mannheim-Sandhofen 1939/40, Aufklärungsstaffel See/88 - AS 88 -daily ebay photo find #239

Me 110 C-2 "CF+NS" WNr.3078 Mannheim-Sandhofen 1939/40

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Seeflughafen Cadiz 1936-7 - Einsatz bei der Legion Condor LC, Aufklärungsstaffel See/88 - AS 88

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Some of the rarest Luftwaffe types to see service during the Spanish Civil War served with the Aufklärungsstaffel See/88 (AS./88 or Maritime Reconnaissance Squadron) of the Legion Condor including a single Nationalist Ju 52 3m (W) and torpedo carrying He 59 seaplanes complete with Totenkopf emblems on their noses. More details in the book As de Picas or "Ace of Spades" by Galland Books devoted to the seaplane Staffel AS./88 of the Condor Legion which was translated and republished by Schiffer books. It is a slim A-5 hardback volume of only 186 pages retailing for well over £35. More on the Aufklärungsstaffel See/88 (AS./88 or the Maritime Reconnaissance Squadron) of the Legion Condor in Spain on this blog here.

Below; II./JG 27 Kommandeur Hptm Gustav Rödel (RK on 22 June 1941 + EL on 20 June 1943) officiating at a Ferntrauung or 'proxy' distance wedding where one of the partners was not present. (seated, facing camera). “Ferntrauung” was introduced as a celebration of marriage for women whose men had been KIA. They then became entitled to a widows pension and their children were deemed to be born in wedlock. The practise was later extended to two living partners separated by the circumstances of war. Presumably as here. Also dubbed "Stahlhelm Trauung" or 'steel helmet wedding' as can be seen in the picture - bride and groom being represented by Stahlhelme. Seen here in the fall of 1942 in Nordafrika or spring 1943 in Italy. Marked with a cross is Emil Wirthmann of the Gruppenstab and fourth from the left Gustav Rödel.

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