Saturday, 16 December 2017

Me 262 9K+DK KG 51 - ebay photo find #230

According to the seller this is an original photograph taken in February 1945 (25.2.1945) by Luftwaffe personnel during the recovery of Me 262 A-2a W.Nr. 110613 of 2./KG 51 (and previously published in LiF). While returning to Hopsten airfield after a bombing sortie on the Allied bridgehead in the area east of Linnich, W.Nr. 110613 coded 9K+DK and piloted by Ofw. Wieczorec, was hit by Allied anti-aircraft fire, forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing near the village of Nottuln, west of Muenster. The other pilot flying the sortie, Lt. Heid, was able to return to base without damage. Photographs taken by Luftwaffe personnel during the last months of the war are of course very rare, due to the lack of laboratories that could print photos and for all the reasons we know well!

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