Sunday, 24 December 2017

Major Ritterkreuzträger Kdr. II./SG 1 Ernst-Christian Reusch -ebay photo find #234. Fw 190 F-8 ace Schlachtflieger

amazing photo series currently on offer from an album in the family of Ritterkreuzträger Ernst-Christian Reusch.

Above; according to the seller the snapshot above shows Maj. Otto Ernst on the left and Ernst-Christian Reusch on the right, both leading personalities in II.St.G 1 mit der Führung der Geschäfte beauftragt (m.d.F.d.G.b.)

Career bios via the invaluable de Zeng/Stankey Luftwaffe Officer career summaries resource at

ERNST, Otto. (DOB: 05.02.10). (DKG). 01.12.39 Hptm., in St.G. 51. 09.41 Hptm., appt Kdr. Stukavorschule 2 (to c.02.42). 01.04.42 promo to Maj. 01.03.43 Maj., awarded Ehrenpokal. 08.43 Maj., appt Kdr. II./St.G. 1 (to 13.10.43 WIA). 31.08.43 Maj., awarded DKG, II./St.G. 1. 18.10.43 Maj., appt Kdr. II./SG 1? (to ?).

 REUSCH, Ernst-Christian. (DOB: 10.09.16 in Wiesbaden). (R, DKG). 09.39 in St.G. 1. 04.02.42 Oblt., awarded DKG, II./St.G. 1. 01.11.42 promo to Hptm. 03.11.42 awarded Ritterkreuz on basis of recommendation made while Staka 5./St.G.1 21.10.43 appt Geschw. Adj. and Ia of SG 1. 01.05.44 Hptm., appt Kdr. II./SG 1 (to 21.01.45 WIA). 01.11.44 promo to Maj.
Reusch was severely injured during a forced landing following engine failure of his Fw 190 F-8 shot down S of Mohrungen. †26.01.45 in a hospital in Danzig of his wounds. Buried at Rahmel, near Gdingen. Credited with 765 combat sorties.
Seen again below, right

A number of views of Reusch in his Fw 190 F-8 Kommandeur machine 'double chevron A' with wing-racks faired over, universal wing (outer wing cannon bulges, no outer wing armament fitted.