Saturday, 16 December 2017

Fokker T.VIII seaplane in Luftwaffe service - ebay photo find #232

via Manuel Rauh

three excellent views of the rare Fokker T. VIII in Luftwaffe service, here coded 'D1' of the Seeaufklärungsgruppe 126


The Fokker T.VIII-W was a twin-float twin-engined torpedo bomber and reconnaissance sea plane   designed in 1937 for the Dutch Naval Air Service (Marine Luchtvaardienst, or MLD) which saw service in small numbers in both the Luftwaffe and the RAF during 1940. By the time of the German invasion of the Low Countries in May 1940 eleven had been delivered to the MLD and others were still on the production line. The Luftwaffe ended up with twenty-five T.VIIIs, which they used on anti-shipping and reconnaissance patrols and for air-sea rescue over the North Sea and Mediterranean. A number of serviceable T.VIIIs escaped to France on the German invasion before eventually crossing the Channel where they equipped No.320 (Dutch) Squadron of Coastal Command.