Tuesday, 28 November 2017

ZG 26 Haifisch Bf 110 and Fw 190 A-7 Sturmstaffel 1 - ebay photo find #227

Pilots of the Sturmstaffel assemble for a photo 'shoot' in front of one of the unit's FW 190 A-7 in Salzwedel prior to the 'deactivation' of the unit in late April 1944. Uffz. Maximowitz far left and Major von Kornatzki back to camera in greatcoat in the view above and seen striding out in the view below. A rarely seen view of the pilot complement prior to and after the more formal and oft-published view of the unit. Offered for sale by Michael Meyer here

Other pilots in the photo shoot are Oblt. Zehart, Lt. Elser, Lt. Müller, Lt. Metz, Lt. Gerth, Fw. Röhrich, Lt. Franz, unbekannt, Ofw. Marburg, Ofw. Peinemann, Fw. Groten, Uffz. Keune und Uffz. Boesch who is recognisable in the image below, far right

Five of these experienced Sturmstaffel 1 pilots would provide the core of Major von Kornatzki’s next command: II. (Sturm)/ JG 4 - Leutnant Ulrich Blaese, Feldwebel Gerhard Marburg, Leutnant Rudolf Metz, Leutnant Werner Peinemann and Oberleutnant Othmar Zehart. The remaining Sturmstaffel pilots integrated a newly formed 11 Staffel of IV./JG 3 under new Gruppenkommandeur Hptm Willi Moritz.

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Below; Haifsich Geschwader Bf 110 on a field strip being refuelled somewhere in France  (possibly).

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Crashed Emil of JG 77 via Andreas Drechsler here