Tuesday, 28 November 2017

shot-down 21 Sqd Blenheim IV 10/11 February 1941 - ebay photo find #226

above currently on offer here via Marco Auer. Below images offered during 2014

Beute Blenheim wearing 21 Sqd codes seen here being recovered by the Germans. 21 Sqn's T2282 is recorded in Graham Warner's Blenheim book as being shot down by flak near Flushing on the night of 10/11 Feb 1941 and crashing into the Scheldt after the crew baled out. The serial does look like T?282, so it does appear that the aircraft made a reasonable landing on the river and was recovered..note the Balkenkreuze in the two images below and in the photo showing the Citroen staff car which could perhaps indicate that this might not be Holland (?) The last view below shows the machine quite clearly atop a shingle bank alongside an expanse of water.