Friday, 6 October 2017

new profile book from Claes Sundin - book no. 7 Luftwaffe bombers

..the latest book from Claes Sundin is now available to order from the artist's web site. Profile book no. 7 covers the history of the Luftwaffe Kampfgeschwader in profile and text. The artist has been aided with some expert commentary on colour schemes and markings from David E. Brown.

Speaking to the Luftwaffe blog, Claes stated ;

 " ..My work on this book as both an artist and a writer has without doubt been my biggest ever undertaking...I have created for the reader 124 stunning profiles of nine different types of bombers used by the Luftwaffe Kampfgeschwader. To this I have also included an abundance of other illustrations in an interesting and appealing layout. I have also written a chapter about the German Bomber Arm and its history, achievements and finally its demise..."

Looks superb Claes, and extremely reasonably priced! Go to Claes' site here for more details and ordering info.  Note the superlative jacket illustration, indicating that some of the artworks have explored the ''recently" discovered 'marine camouflage' incorporating RLM Dunkelblau 83..