Friday, 29 September 2017

Another huge Ebay win for a blog supporter - more Henschel Hs 123, Fw 189, Arado Ar 96 ebay photo finds #223

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I'm writing this as another huge ebay win is secured by a well-known archivist, historian and 'Luftwaffe blog' supporter - no, not the pic above although this too was a recent win! I am referring to the very late war  taxiing Bf 109 K-4 and which sold for something over 1200 Euros. The 'ghost' of Sudek13 strikes again! Of course people like David Weiss will doubtless post it on their sites after the usual attempts to mask the 'copyright' protection  - resulting in an ugly, heavily pixelated and mediocre copy.  Such efforts simply fail to compare with the original. Once again that which is rare is dear and that won't change tomorrow.  The winner of the photo, reporting exclusively to 'FalkeEins-the Luftwaffe blog' said;

".. I'm over the moon at this win, all the more so since the seller sent the pages from the original photographers diary which indicates to within a few days the date the image was captured and of course the unit to which the machine in question was assigned - totally unhoped for and an absolutely sensational acquisition for my archive.."

Unfortunately elsewhere on ebay there are still plenty of unscrupulous sellers copying photos offered for sale, making repros and attempting to sell them on like a certain "Mimosa61" who has recently offered the SKG 10 Fw 190 (above) sold by Michael Meyer only three weeks previously!

Some current ebay sales from reliable sellers. Courtesy Manuel and Darius....

Manuel Rauh's current offers are here

Below; Hs 123 in action during the Polish campaign courtesy Darius Werner here

Below, Bf 110 C/D displaying ZG 52 emblem