Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Hugo Broch's Spitfire flight today from Biggin Hill airfield

..from Dan Snow's Historyhit.tv on FB

 ".. Big day today. In partnership with historian Rob Schäfer we are taking 95-year old Luftwaffe ace Hugo Broch (81 Soviet aircraft kills in 324 combat missions) up in a Spitfire for the first time, flying from Biggin Hill airfield in Kent, England. He hasn't flown in a single-seater since 1960. We believe that this is the first time post-war that a German Luftwaffe ace has gone up in a Spitfire. He will be one of the very few men who have flown the Me 109 in combat and a Spitfire in peacetime. Looking forward to having his opinion of which was best!! "

I think we can guess what he said. He loved flying in the Spitfire, a joy to fly and handles better than the Bf 109, but would still take a Bf 109 over a Spitfire any day..

Well in the event Herr Broch declined to take controls....but watch the video below..