Saturday, 11 March 2017

Bf 109 F-4 'black 9' of Josef Poehs from 5./JG 54, Russland - ebay photo find #208

Pöhs was a JG 54 Ritterkreuzträger who flew the Me 163 Komet in JG 400.

PÖHS, Josef (Joachim?) (“Joschi”). (DOB: 14.03.12 in Altkettenhof near Wien). (R, DKG). 1934 joined the Austrian Luftstreitkräfte and served on the aerobatic team. 1938 trf to the Luftwaffe and posted to JG 138. 09.39 in I./JG 76. 04.40 Lt., in 5./JG 54. 08.40 in 4./JG 54. (via De Zeng Luftwaffe officer career summaries)

Pöhs claimed two Russian SB-2 twin-engine bombers shot down on 22 June 1941, the opening day of Operation Barbarossa, to record his 10th and 11th victories. On 13 July, Pöhs claimed two Russian DB-3 twin-engine bombers shot down to record his 19th and 20th victories. Leutnant Pöhs was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 6 August 1941 for 28 victories achieved in 225 missions. On 11 August, he shot down three enemy aircraft (29-31). He recorded his 40th victory on 7 September so the photo above dates from August 1941. In September 1941 he transferred to the Erg.Gr./JG 54 as an instructor and in February 1942 he transferred to the Erg.JGr. Ost before moving to the E.Stelle Rechlin in June 1942.

Oblt Pöhs was killed on 30 December †30.12.43 Oblt., Erprobungskdo. 16 – in a crash at Bad Zwischenahn when the undercarriage dolly of Me 163 A V8 "CD + IM" (W.Nr. 163 000 0005) bounced higher than normal following release and struck the underside of the aircraft rupturing a T-Stoff fuel line thus prompting an installed safety device to shut down the engine. In attempting to return to Bad Zwischenahn one of the wings clipped the tower of the radio ground station antenna causing the aircraft to cartwheel into the ground where it exploded. He was credited with c.300 combat missions and 43 Luftsiege (air victories).