Saturday, 18 March 2017

72nd scale Luftwaffe aircraft news -Eduard Kora Fw 190s, Owl decals, new Printscale decals, RS Models Me 309

New Luftwaffe subjects in 72nd scale via Adam Garrett's 72nd scale blog include more Eduard Fw 190s in the Sturm A-8/R2 variant including II.(Sturm)/JG 4 Kommandeur von Kornatzki's 'green 3'  and new decal sheets from Owl. Especially interesting are the 2./JG 2 nightfighting Fw 190 subjects as depicted in Erik Mombeeck's most recent 'Luftwaffe Gallery' including ace Lt. Detlef Grossfuss' Fw 190 A-6 'black 13'. Finally some Kora re-boxings of the Fw 190 plastic and a quick look at the new RS Models Me 309 already added to the stash.

The Kora Models kits are 'upgraded' versions of the Eduard plastic with a price tag to match. Probably pass on these. Kora Models web site is here

Recent sheets include Aces of the Condor Legion and Bf 110 night fighter aces featuring some great subjects to add to my collection of black Bf 110s. A reference page of black Bf 110 images can be found here.

Also recently added to the stash is  the new RS models Me 309 - two options of the prototype V1 GE+CU are in the box including the enlarged and re-designed empennage of the 'late' variant (November 1943). The Me 309 was conceived as a possible replacement for the Bf 109 powered by the new liquid-cooled DB 603G and featured a nose-wheel patented by Messerschmitt and at the time of the first flight in July 1942 not yet seen on the Me 262 V2. RS Models are also planning a twin fuselage Me 609 box.

And finally, my latest finish, the Academy G-14 (1/72nd) as Hartman's G-6 February 1945, Kommandeur I./JG 53. More on this machine here