Monday, 14 November 2016

Bv 138 auf Schleuderschiff Bussard - daily Ebay photo find #192

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Seaplane tenders saw service pre-war on the transatlantic mail routes - the catapult launch of an Ha 139 is described on this blog here. During the war the Germans built additional seaplane tenders and catapult ships specifically for military use. Falke, Bussard, Richthoven and Hans Albrecht Wedel were completed 1942 - 1943. More details of these vessels on Michael Holm's site here.

Two images depicting Bv 138 seaplanes on the catapult ship Bussard probably off Tromsö, Norway. Tasked with reconnaissance, especially seeking and tracking Arctic convoys heading to and from Murmansk and Archangel. Norway was one of the most important and active areas for German seaplane deployment - around 1943, the Luftwaffe had around 5000 men at Tromsø. There were three main seaplane bases North of the Arctic circle, Sørreisa which was close to the important airfield of Bardufoss, Skattøra at Tromsø and Billefjord further North which was also close to another major airfield, Banak.

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