Thursday, 16 October 2014

Ofw. Ernst Richter II./ JG 11

courtesy Michael Meyer's ebay sales here

 Ofw. Ernst Richter photographed in April 1944 serving with 4./ JG 11 in Husted prior to being posted as as an instructor to 4./JGr West during the summer of 1944 based in Märkisch-Friedland.

   (below)  Pilots of 16./EJG 1 in front of their Fw 190s at Mühldorf during February 1945. The Staffel shifted on 26 January 1945 from Märkisch-Friedland to Pretzsch and from moved on to Mühldorf on 12 February 1945. Left in the photo below (and fourth left in the bottom image) is Fluglehrer (instructor) Ofw. Ernst Richter. Richter survived the war with some twenty victories claimed, flew some 60 sorties as Nowotny's wingman and signed some 130 of Nowotny's Abschußmeldungen! (no mention of him at all in the Kracker archive...)