Saturday, 18 October 2014

Bf 109 G-4 "Red 7" first flight / Hispano Aviacion H. A. 1112 M-1-L, W.Nr. 139 (EADS) - latest Bf 109 images found on the net

The Bf 109 G-4 / Hispano Aviacion H. A. 1112 M-1-L, W.Nr. 139 (EADS) is once again airworthy and its first flight post-restoration was flown by Klaus Plasa. Unfortunately, due to minor technical problems after the first flight, the machine's participation in Switzerland on 6 September at the Air14 PAYERNE did not take place as advertised. Safety first!

Fly in Bf 109 G-4 "Red 7" restored after its Roskilde airshow crash, a must see!.. a single click to view here..


"new" Bf 109 images found on the net -

6 -107 of 2. Staffel Jagdgruppe 88 of the Legion Condor

III./ JG 54 Emil

"white 14" , a 1./ JG 2 Emil down somewhere in the West, note the cowl 'Bonzo' dog emblem..

JG 5 Friedrich

possibly a G-14, here with Erla Haube and FuG 16 Morane mast

unknown Emil

- " ..probably 1940, likely with these markings. Only JG 3 and JG 53 used the vertical bar to denote a III. Gruppe aircraft. Of the two, JG 3 would be more likely to be missing any unit emblems but I’d say JG 53 is still a contender too.."

markings commentary via Anders H

provisionally identified as "Gelbe 3" of 11./ JG 54, photographed in Dorpat during the spring thaw 1944. Note the partial yellow Rumpfband