Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Klaus Bretschneider, Kapitän of 5.(Sturm)/JG 300

Klaus Bretschneider, Kapitän of 5.(Sturm)/JG 300, at cockpit readiness in Fw 190 A-8 "Red 16" named "Schwarzer Panter" at Löbnitz most probably during October 1944. The German for 'Black Panther' is of course 'Schwarzer Panther' so this is most probably a simple spelling error on the part of the painter. According to Peter Rodeike in his 'Jagdflugzeug 190' (page 353) this machine also displayed a II. Gruppe bar aft of the Balkenkreuz. Note the absence of  upper engine cowl cover MGs - the firing troughs are clearly unfaired. Note also in the outboard wing station position the MK 108 wing cannon cover, which all point to this aircraft being an R2 Sturmbock. Bretschneider may have been flying this aircraft on 7 October 1944 when he accounted for two bombers (one confirmed, the other an HSS) in one attack and - having run out of munitions - apparently 'rammed' a third (counted as VNE-ASM). It is however more likely that this was an unintentional collision - while the wing of his Sturmbock sustained damage the aileron was still functional and Bretschneider was able to land the aircraft safely. The aircraft was considered 35% damaged and Klaus Bretschneider reported sustaining slight injuries ..

Photo : Jean-Yves Lorant Collection.

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