Friday, 20 June 2014

Fw 190s surrendered at Flensburg - Ebay Luftwaffe find #87

..two pilots of 7./JG 26 seen during October 1944 in Coesfeld on the wing of an FW 190 A. On the left Fw Erich Ahrens, shot down on the Bodenplatte operation on 1.1.1945 and taken captive (shipped to Canada) and Uffz.Heinz "Muli" Meihs, who made two claims before being KIA on 13.3.1945.

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captioned by the seller as 'Flugplatz Westerland' -located on the Sylt peninsula- these are likely to be Fw 190s from II./ JG 4, this Geschwader being one of a handful of JGs to surrender in northern Germany in the area of Flensburg.