Friday, 28 March 2014

Current Ebay auctions Heiko Fuchs - Bf 109 JG 54, Me 323, Hs 129 Kurland Kessel

current on offer from Heiko Fuchs, a selection of very atmospheric images taken in the Kurland Kessel  (Courland pocket) according to the seller. Click on the images to view large. First pic shows an  Me 323, something of a rarity in the spring of 1945 - if this is indeed the time frame of these images. Note the Tankwagen and refuelling operations underway. The loading doors of the Me 323 are open (below) and a group of personnel is milling around the front of the aircraft, almost certainly evacuating the Kessel. The Fw 190 to the right is possibly an SG 3 machine. Note the Hs 129 to the left behind the horse-drawn cart in the Ro 37 picture, bottom. Thanks to Marc from the German airplanes in WWII on FB group for the find..