Friday, 8 November 2013

JG 52 Calais Battle of Britain Günther Rall

Inscription on the reverse of the photo reads " Calais Liegeplatz und Unterkunft"   -  "Calais, airfield and accomodation". According to the seller this shows Günther Rall (red 'x') in Calais with JG 52.  Rall was given command as Staffelkapitän of 8./JG 52 on 25 July 1940 and was promoted to Oberleutnant a week later, on 1 August 1940. During the Battle of Britain JG 52 was based at Coquelles, 4 km south of Calais on the Channel coast, currently site of the Eurotunnel terminal. Good view of Emils of JG 52 taxiing out against the backdrop of the Channel coastline on the lower image.