Friday, 18 October 2013

Oblt. Heinrich Krafft JG 51, Küstenfliegergruppe Heinkel He 59 seaplanes

Still two days left on the following auction, two views of JG 51 ace Heinrich Krafft in the East. Below,  Oblt. Heinrich Krafft as Staffelkapitän 3./ JG 51 in the cockpit of a 3. Staffel Friedrich in the East during 1941 prior to a sortie according to the seller's caption. Krafft was awarded the RK on 18 March 1942 for 78 Luftsiege. On 14 December 1942 he was brought down by Russian anti-aircraft fire and killed on the ground by his captors.

 Afrikaversorgung ! A  formation of Ju 52/3m transports lumbering across the Med on a resupply sortie to north Africa during 1942/43 - note the Kennzeichen "E3A" "ASA" + WNr 3164. Bid on this image here

Below; right, He 59 of 3./ KüFlGr 106 with Wappen and left a line-up of He 60 floatplanes of 1./KüFlGr 506 seen in List during 1938

He 59 seaplanes of the KüFlGr 106, another nice view of the emblem of this unit. According to the caption this  photo was taken on the kurisches Haff (Curonian Lagoon) on the Baltic,  Pillau, East Prussia, during 1938.

He 59 "60+E53" of 3./KüFlGr 506 possibly in List or Holtenau during 1938.

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