Saturday, 19 October 2013

daily Ebay Luftwaffe photo find - JG 54 or 77 Friedrich/Gustav, NJG 4 Junkers Ju 88 G, KG 100 He 111 night blitz, KG 51 Ju 88 A-4

".. picture taken through the windscreen of our vehicle on the journey back from Poland, the base  (Einsatzhafen, lit. operational field ) of a Heinkel He 111 unit at Oels in Silesia...". Note in the foreground packing crates of bombs, a much better close-up of these packing cases in the KG 51 Ju 88 photo below..

from Oliver Rogge's current sales at Kurmark-antik - click to view all images large

'Black 6' WNr. 10467, the Friedrich/Gustav of a 28-vic ace with an Eastern Front Geschwader

Definitely a Bf 109 G-2 (Octane triangle over the number does indicate a Gustav. Small tail Wheel ... big chance to be a G-2) JG 54 most probably. 1942 .. 8.Staffel ? Nice try!! But I cannot see any wave on photo.."   

Miguel on TOCH suggests Karl Fuchs of 2./ JG 54; I think that he could be Karl Fuchs. He scored his 26th and 27th victories on 2 August 1942 and his 28th on the 20th .." 

from Jim P's lists;
Fuchs, Karl, Ofw., 67 total claims, JG 54, DKiG, MIA on 10-Oct-43., O.K.L. Fighter Claims; Prien/Bock; Scutts, JG 54

and via Jim Kitchens also on TOCH;

"..thanks to George Morrison for his usual perceptive information, the pilot of the sw. 6 + was Eduard Isken (later RK), 8./JG 77. The aircraft was a Bf 109 G-2, WNr. 10 467. As the ground conditions indicate, the photo was taken in the spring of 1942 in the USSR before III./JG 77 moved to North Africa. As is well-known, the III./JG 77 did not usually display a Gruppe symbol behind the Balkenkreuze. The tally on the rudder includes some claims not later officially confirmed..".

Below; two views from Michael Meyer's latest selection of FW 200 C-3 WNr.0137 of the Regierungsstaffel (or Fliegerstaffel des Führers) or more colloquially the 'FdF' ..Für den Führer  ('for the Führer') photographed according to the seller around January 1943 on a visit to the E-Stelle in Rechlin. Das Staatsoberhaupt wird begrüßt - greeting the 'head of state' ..

Preparations for a night sortie over the UK at Vannes, France during early 1941, home to I./KG 100 including refuelling He 111 "6N+CK" of 2.Staffel above ..and below, a view of "6N+NK"

All the above from another selection from Michael Meyer

Reverse of this print indicates " Gruppe des Hptm Nowotny ". II. Gruppe bar visible on the first machine...

According to 'Merlin' on TOCH this is Ju 88 G-1 WNr. 712373 3C+FR from 7./NJG 4 at Juvincourt, winter 44/45

A selection of neat images of Ju 88 A-4s of KG 51 and KG 1 still on offer, see link below. A nice lot of six photos, my max bid of 25 euros not high enough...