Friday, 6 September 2013

Luftwaffe Gallery no. 4; "Eagle" emblems, III./ JG 6 fuselage bands, JG 5 aces and more

Contents include

a round-up of "Eagle" emblems on Luftwaffe aircraft including Bf 109s, paint jobs on III./ JG 3 Bf 109s, a look at the variety of metal pennants featured both on Bf 109 aerial masts and in the ground, a colour photographic spread devoted to the Ju 87, more pilot victory sticks, featuring aces from JG 2 and JG 5 and an article by Kees Mol on the fuselage bands worn by some late-war Bf 109s of JG 6 along with a selection of reader photos and comments....

18 euros for 56 A-4 landscape pages direct from