Saturday, 2 March 2013

Ofw. Josef Kociok 10.(NJ)/ ZG 1 in Zerstörergeschwader 26 photo album Eastern Front Nachtjagd - Daily Luftwaffe Ebay photo find

Nice views extracted from a (Horst Wessel) II. Zerstörergeschwader 26 photo album. Shots feature among others Messerchmitt Bf 110 3U+BM at Dugino Aerodrome, twenty miles north of Vyazma on the Eastern Front and the aircraft below, coded '??+ IU' . The seller refers to NJG 10 - the mix of 'dark' and 'light' victory markings on the tail fin (see close-up image below) point to this being the mount of a night ace with a certain number of day victories (or vice versa..), a relatively rare phenomenon on the Eastern Front. I'd go further and state that these pictures feature the Bf 110 F (in the top picture) and the G-2 (in the lower image) regularly flown by FF. Ofw. Josef Kociok seen on the left and in front of the tail fin victory scoreboard with  his BF Fw. Alexander Wegerhoff. Note the MG 15 in the rear gunners compartment in the image below and the superb 'leaping cat' Staffel emblem. In the bottom photo Kociok poses alongside a twenty vic scoreboard. Kociok scored his 20th during the night of 15/16 May 1943. Kociok's unit was 10.(NJ)/ZG 1. The machine's Kennung must be "2N + IU". That also appears to be Kociok in front of "2N+GU" - note the "G" on the nose below the cockpit air intake. Kociok was awarded the RK for 27 victories (15 by night) on 31 July 1943, the presentation taking place in Bagerowo in the Crimea. 10. (NJ)/ ZG 1 was re-designated 5./ NJG 200 during August 1943. Kociok was KIA during the night of 26/27 September 1943 after colliding with a Soviet bomber he was attempting to bring down. Both Kociok and Wegerhoff bailed out - Kociok's chute failed to open (Bf 110 G-2 WNr. 6392). Kociok tallied some 33 victories in the East in the course of around 200 combat sorties. Click on the images to see the full view..

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