Friday, 22 March 2013

Stukageschwader in action over Poland, Bf 109 K-4 at Deutsche Brod - Daily Ebay Luftwaffe photo

Stuka of the Staffelkapitaen hooked up to a starter cart

Two rare views of the end at Deutsche Brod offered for sale by Ebay seller 'aerwina 4'

At least seven Hs 129 B-2 or B-3 can be seen dispersed, the nearest being "Weisse 11". The unit markings seem consistent with 13.(Pz.)/SG 9. 

Bottom; Bf 109 K-4 W.Nr. probably in the 332 000 335 241 block range given the low visibility camouflage demarcation line, typical of later Mtt-Flössenburg or other Mtt operated Waldwerke in 1945. Given the black tulip decorating it's nose, the unit is almost certainly II./JG 52 - pictures taken at Deutsch Brod (today Havlickuv Brod) some time during April 1945. During the last two weeks of the war both airfields housed Hs 129s of SG 9 as well as the Bf 109s of JG 52

Expired ebay auction courtesy of Ebay seller Kurmark-Antik (Oliver Rogge). These images are reproduced here courtesy of Oliver.

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