Friday, 15 February 2013

Lt Oskar Romm IV.(Sturm) / JG 3

During July 1944 Lt Oskar Romm took over as Staffelkapitän of 12./JG 3. Having enjoyed a spectacular run of success with I./JG 51 on the Russian Front between late summer 1942 and May 1944 culminating in the award of the Ritterkreuz for some 76 victories, Romm shot down his first four-engined bomber on the 7th July over Oschersleben. On the 18th July, some 500 B-24s and B-17s of the 15th Air Force attacked targets in southern Germany and Romm claimed 2 bombers and a P-51. On 27 September 1944 over Kassel his victims were B-24s of the 445th BG -  his 81st to 83rd victories as three Viermots went down in flames to his attacks.

"...This mission was carried out in the classic Sturm battle group with the other Sturmgruppen. Hptm Wilhelm Moritz was at the head of our Angriffskeil or arrowhead formation. As leader of 15 Staffel I attacked an element of B-24 Liberators. As had been the case over Oschersleben on 7 July our tactics were the same - a salvo into the fuselage and rear gunner's compartment to nullify the bombers return fire and then to set the wing root area near the engines on fire with our cannon... "

On the following day Oskar Romm claimed two more bombers destroyed for his 84th and 85th victories...