Thursday, 3 January 2013

Focke Wulf 190 in Sicily, Rommel's He 111 in Rome-Ciampino- Daily Luftwaffe Ebay photo find

Ju 88 D "Vi+N." most probably on the strength of 4.(F)/122 seen at Rome Ciampino-Nord during 1943

Latest Heiko Fuchs Ebay offers include these images below - inscription on the reverse reads " Fw 190 on Sicily, 1943". According to the seller this Fw 190 is a " Jagdbomber mit Tarnanstrich für Nachteinsätze" -a Jabo fighter bomber finished in a camo scheme for night operations....the black distemper obscuring both national insiginia and Staffelkennzeichen rather recalls the finish given to Fw 190s of the SKG that operated night sorties over the UK during April 1943  - the remnants of that unit were in fact posted to Sicily in advance of the Allied invasion which took place in the summer of 1943...

Review of Morten Jessen and Andrew Arthy's "Fw 190 in the battle for Sicily"

Luftwaffe He 111 H assigned to GenOberst Erwin Rommel (seen in front of the aircraft). In the background a Savoia Marchetti SM 82, photo taken at Ciampino-Nord, 1943 from Michael Meyer's sales


This machine does not appear to be a previously seen He 111 used by Rommel -  Heinkel He 111 (VG+ES) WNr. 4085,  "VG+ES" was a fully equipped H-4 variant  - armed with five MG 15 and one MG 17, the capacity to load 1,000 kg of bombs internally and another 1,000 kg under the wings, although the the sub-type and WNr are contentious..

Below;  Dornier Do 215 B, personal transport of  the Oberbefehlhaber Süd later Südwest, GFM Albert Kesselring, photographed at Rome Ciampino-Nord during 1943...

Ju 52/3m of III./KGrzbV 1 with bear emblem photographed at Rome Ciampino-Nord during 1943. On the left, engine technician Günther Bruns of the 7 Werkstattzug der Fliegerhorstergänzungsgruppe Kommandantur Afrika seen maintaining the starboard BMW 132 engine.